Founded in 2019 at a kitchen table by a kid with a dream, POV Agency is an LA-based, inclusion-driven, boutique strategic communications agency that colorfully reimagines how PR and communications are done and who they’re done by. ​​

We are built on the belief that a varied, textured, nuanced and colorful perspective is a strength, and often, an untapped one.  

Our point of view is our otherness, and it is also our super power. We know all too well what it’s like to feel unseen. We see you – so the world can, too.

Our Team

We are weirdos, outsiders, mavericks, nerds, unicorns and rebels.

We are wordsmiths, strategists, builders and pioneers.

Each of our emotionally intelligent communicators brings a unique blend of culture, interests and industry expertise to everything they do. They leverage fresh and original thinking to cut through the noise… in convincing fashion. 

Because we recognize that every partner and campaign is different, we carefully curate our support teams to ensure dynamic collaboration and expression across every phase. 

Our Work

Our capabilities include strategic communications & PR, influencer & talent relations, strategic partnerships, DEI, and awards strategy. 

We champion the underdogs, the culture drivers and those eager to evoke an emotional impact through authentic, human stories. 

Our partners are eager to bring their true selves to the storytelling process. They include brands, organizations and talent across consumer lifestyle, gaming, fashion, BIPOC beauty, health, wellness & spirituality, advertising/marketing and the creator economy.

“We’d been looking for the right partner for nine years, until we found POV. They are a partner that is hard working, takes time to understand your business and provides the solution set you actually need. They have been incredibly impactful to both our business and our clients. All I can say is, hire them.” – Gabe Gordon, Co-Founder, Reach Agency

“The team at POV steadily grew our media presence over three years, while pushing the envelope for our brand. They became true extensions of the marketing team at Keen.com because they connected to the brand and the work. They’re the type of collaborative partner that you want on your side.” – Sean Foley, CMO, Ingenio

“I always knew that the team was thinking and operating in my company’s best interest; they really were a seamless extension of the Fanjoy team. 10/10 would recommend!” – Chris Vaccarino, CEO, Fanjoy

“Over the course of our long term partnership, POV Agency has always championed our company, our team and prioritized our business needs like no other communications partner has done before. Their willingness to dive deep into client work, complex concepts and really get to know us is palpable. From day one they delivered results and understood our business. Not only that, but they’re also an absolute joy to work with. Every interaction is a breath of fresh air.” – Jane Crisan, President and COO, Rain the Growth Agency

“As a content and event programmer, I know that I can rely on POV Agency to send me pitches that are of the highest caliber. They represent clients who are at the top of their respective industries, and they are incredibly mindful of both the needs of their clients and those they present them to. They set the bar high, and then they jump over it.” – Michael Gewirtzman, Vice President of Programming, Advertising Week